Why would iPlace Technologies be your best choice? In iPlace Technologies we care for your needs and perform tasks according to your requirements. There are many companies that provide Digital Marketing Services but we assure that working with us you will feel very comfortable and handy.

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What we offer to our Customers

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Now a Day, Social Media is very powerful platform in digital marketing which connects to audience to build your brand to different products and services. It involves creating developments and share content on Social Media Networking. There are various social networking websites that runs on Mobile phones which provides online platform to communicate consumers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is process of improve your site to better visibility your pages having better result. Search Engine such as Google and Bing to use on web going from site to site to collect information about all pages, Algorithms, analyze pages in the index should appear in page result which designed provide user’s efficient search experience to optimize your site and content.


The Campaign is the basis of your “Ads”. The structure of a Facebook Advertising Campaigns which levels of campaign: a campaigns, a set and an ad. You will choose your objectives and the actions when you wants to people to when they see in your ads. First, you will defined the strategy and then set up your Campaigns. Facebook having three objectives like Awareness, Consideration and conversion.


A creative designer works on various tools and Software for using functionality and features to identify effective and creative design. Creative designs are more effective than pictures. In digital marketing creativity is very easy way to grab to customers and more attention. When come in to designing marketing which offers challenging make that creative design service, effective and also interesting.


Branding and Creative services also promise to brand products delivery and services to identify clients the core strengths and connects with audiences for marketing advertisement and brand promise. They also provide truth and market consistency to the right audiences. People always prefer to brand demand and best quality for products and service. Brand and creative services which provide implementation, materials, plan; reports with purpose of more communication with connect to the audience. Branding creative services are responsible for efficient working services and ensure for brand demand our expectations. They help client core truth and creative brand that including developing materials, marketing and communication.

Online Branding

Online Marketing means Internet marketing. It is market management technique that uses the brand marketplace. Online Branding increase brand reorganization and explore with online channels such like as Search Engine, Online marketplace to establish relationship between consumers .Online Branding focus on online branding with experience for consumers products, services or brand. Online branding website also including utilization a blog to generate the content for related to the brand. Online Branding also provide opportunity for different companies and marketing strategy which also communicate with customers. Online Branding is very popular platform of social media with different websites and mobile phones applications.

Content Writing

Content Writing is also stands for Online content writing .It is process of writing, copy, product description, blogs, articles, videos with particular platforms. Content Writing provide the speech to summarize website and explaining the website what about it can offers to its customers .Now a day’s Content writing into multiple segments. Such categorization comes from approach of presenting content in the World Wide Web. Today, many subdivisions of content writing like that Articles- it is high information in detailed, Blog- it is journal maintained by individual an organization, Web content-it is descriptive and interactive content on web pages, Copy Writing-it is act of writing text purpose of advertising and marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing consist partnership between company and organization based on customers product and services. Affiliate marketing is need for knowledge of power. It is combination of affinity and marketing ideas. Whereas marketing described benefit for customers wants and they need. Affiliate marketing having three specific features: 1.Third party adornment, 2.the sharing incentives concepts, 3.the enhancement packages. There are many benefits for affiliate marketing strategy like suppliers, customers, affinity groups. But limitations on affiliate marketing are not always to be going succeed. In E-Commerce Affiliate marketing consist sharing in refers to promote to various links and icons to connect to the web site to customers’ needs and wants.

Marketing Consultants

Marketing consultant’s helps to clients build their powerful and growth marketing with marketing role and responsibility. Consultant is one of the best advisers who work with companies and provide market strategy which need to be successful. Marketing consultants are being useful for marketing solutions. Marketing Consultants are helps to create marketing plans and involved in implementing marketing strategy and provide better result for companies with their own marketing efforts. Successful consultants have skills of marketing, area views, and efficiency with knowledge of education and practical experience in marketing field. Marketing consultants having work with effectively and allow to focus on business marketing development and growth and all operations.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation management is way to controlling of online conversation which people find the right material when they need. It provides best customer services and develops brand, products and special features to customers’ needs. It is managing your reputations with customer’s feedback and keeps online presence with including management strategy. Online reputation management works by responding to negative or false customer comments to active monitoring on web site and social media. It is reactive and involves looking for and responding for other customers, companies to control efforts to brands instead of attacks.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is very effective digital marketing for sending and receiving emails and canalize your email marketing. It is very easy and affordable way to communicate to each other. It is marketing strategy for tips for successful campaigns and act of sending commercial messages on social networking. Email marketing is digital equipment of commercial emails and reached to email addresses. By Email marketing you connect with audience or company to promote your products, brands, increase sells and services with emails and share some news and reviews and information. All the time people send and receiving the emails on stand of inboxes.

Mobile App Marketing

Mobiles app is very effective, attractive, popular and interesting platform for all users, business, and companies. Mobile Marketing is broad to refer mobile ads, mobile apps and mobile websites. It is one kind of marketing that happens on mobile devices, promote your applications and retention of all users who download your apps. In mobile app marketing, app developers are finding their audiences. Two major types of mobile marketing: 1.increase download and app user acquit ions. You also can search million apps on Google play and App store .It is helps you find more visible mobile apps and downloads apps in crawdad marketing. On social media various mobile apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat which are popular and more usable apps to communicate with audiences, clients.

App & web Analytics

Google also announced apps and web property in Google analytics .In digital analytics gathering app and digital webs to collect data and analyze apps and website data. Recently many business measure app engage with Google analytics web views. It is easy way to understanding to full digital experience and collect data form separately platform. The combination of App and Web allow to app and website data together. In new Google analytics users and events are main focus of the app and web property. The main benefit of app and web property which provide new opportunity to easily understand to all users, actions and their needs .Some limitations of that e-commerce measurement mot supported, no product scoped or custom reporting and firebase navigating around a app + web property.

Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click is platform of advertising marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time when they clicked by online user. PPC marketing is model of internet marketing channel to significant opportunity to digital marketers to grow their traffic and conversion metrics which give quick result. The PPC ad format appears search result pages on search engine like Google. Search engine is best way from PPC. In marketing advertisers have an opportunity to brand, products and sales with form of an ad that specific keyword or behavior.PPC having main three types of marketing ads: 1.text ads written on copy write by advertisers, 2.display ads-format of an image or motion graphic, 3.shopping ads-it is typically delivered after searchers on search engine or shopping engine.

Google Adsense

Google Ad sense provide way for publishers to earn money from their online content in Google networking sites text, audio, video, images. It is advertising program that on the internet that can help you earn money now a day which provide opportunity for webmasters and site owners to monetize traffic. The main benefit of Google ad sense is huge areas of web publishers to highly security, safety and transparency. Advertisers can add variety of format like text, image, video ads, and html ads. Google ad sense process is very easy to create an account on ad sense and insert small amount on it. When site visitors will start clicked ads and paid for its ad, for Google charges per ad click. Your earning depends on the amount of target on websites. It also helps to you getting lots of traffic and monetizing in Google ad sense.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is web analysis to set up and customize, configure and collect the basic data from website to reach the right audience which services offered by Google. It is widely used for web analytics on the web that provide software development that allows data to web, IOS and android mobile applications. Google Analytics is used for track website activity and performances, session duration, quality, advanced features, custom visitor segments. Google website optimizes referred ad Google analytics content experiments to help understand the behavior of user population. It offers free Google analytics, free help center FAQS for official Google analytics products and training support. Google analytics used by build mobile application run on Apple mobile devices and included features on App store.


Why You Should Use Digital Marketing Services For Your Businesses?

In Recent years you may have seen the rapid growth of Online Marketing. According to the research of eMarketer, businesses in US spends more than $110 billion on Digital Marketing & Online Marketing. It shows that the all top companies are aware of technology and using it to develop their business and generate more income without using door-to-door marketing or traditional marketing.

With the assistance of Digital Marketing strategies and calculations we help you to expand your business volume and construct a strong computerized establishment with esteem driven web showcasing administrations.

Digital Marketing

What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing

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An investigation introduced by BrightTALK shows that 42 percent of promoting experts discover the absence of value information their greatest boundary to lead age. With the assistance of a believed web showcasing organization, you can increase a comprehensive perspective on your client excursion and rivalry.

Try not to squander your interest in promoting strategies that don’t convey quantifiable outcomes. Cooperate with iPlace Technologies Digital Marketing Agency today and build up your market strength with our focused on computerized advertising arrangements.

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