Joomla Development Services

We Build Appealing Websites and Powerful Online Applications by availing our Joomla Development Services. At iPlace Technologies, we offer highly functional, superior and secure Joomla web Development services that empowers your brand’s personality.

Joomla Development

What is Joomla Development?

Joomla is freely open-source and PHP based content management System. It can be used in development of website. It is build on Model-View-Controller web application that allows you to build own powerful online application. Joomla is very popular, user friendly, extendable and secure platform. Today’s, Hundreds of developers have been improving Joomla. Joomla has large number of extensions to extend the functionality of website and make it interactive.

Why to Choose Joomla Development?

Joomla development includes templates, modules, extensions, e-commerce and CMS development. It provides power of social technologies. It is open source platform which allow to powerful website, offering customization and advanced features of CMS. (CMS is web based application that provides content, data or information of websites.) Joomla is stable and reliable platform. Make innovation available to users and developer. Easy for developer to contribute code to the project any time.

Why use Joomla?

Joomla is most popular software package, it is used to build organize, manage and publish content for small Business and Government Applications. Joomla is trusted by world’s most well known companies and millions of websites. It is useful platform to create and extend power of Joomla in virtual directions.

  • Joomla is perfect tool for you having benefits and features.
  • Easy to install and set up.
  • You can empower of your clients and easy to manage their own sites.
  • You will be quickly building your client and start small business.
  • Integrate E-commerce system.

Benefits of Joomla Development:

  • Joomla offers new opportunity to start and grow your business.
  • Build a website and develop application.
  • There are various high quality templates available, which template provide graphical user interface to allow you change the colors, fonts, style and layouts.
  • Joomla has powerful SEO inbuilt.
  • Joomla is created, unique and freely available for everyone.
  • Joomla is PHP based framework which allows you to write code and command line application in PHP.

Features which include:

  • Awesome design features
  • Content editing & easy publishing
  • Core functionality:
  • Global & Professional support
  • Up gradation & Migration

Best Joomla Development Services:

Joomla development services that provide brand personality. Joomla developers have a wide experience in providing high functional, superlative Joomla services. Developers also developed online application and website with Joomla solution.

Our Joomla Development Services include:

Template Design & Customization:

Joomla developers provide a professional to your website with the help of graphics, colors, layouts, button design, and photography. We can create attention template customized like pre-built and design template to develop website.

Extension Development:

Joomla developers create highly secure code that make website powerful and safe. Extensions are installing, easy to use and upgrade.

Theme Development:

Joomla developers will guide you through the theme which will suitable your business needs and customized themes with required features.

Application Development:

Joomla developers can develop different application using Joomla. All applications are very extendable and secure.

E-commerce Solution:

We provide comprehensive e-commerce store with custom functionality and compatible Plugins. We can also help you to secure payment Gateway System.

Web Support and Maintenance:

Our team is 24*7 available to help you to all compatibility issues, upgrading problems, security hacking and spamming issues.


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